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One of my headmates turned 44 yesterday. Due to some other stuff going on I didn't get a chance to do a reading for him, so I'm doing his birthday reading today. He doesn't really want one, but I'm doing one anyway.

Deck: UFO
Spread: Birthday

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Went to the psychic fair again! You can read about my previous experience here. I went with my sister in law and we had fun together. She loved the Moonology booth, which I went to last time.

I got my aura and chakras checked and they were pretty much the same as last time, so the guy didn't charge me, and Brittany got to have hers done instead. She and I have a lot of similarities, which is cool. It's probably why we get along. I get along better with her than my other stepbrother's girlfriend.

I didn't have another reading done, just because of money. The next fair is in January, so I'll save some birthday/Christmas money for that.

Only Thor came with us. The clones and Bran were supposed to go, but I suspect Thomas had a bad day with his recovery. Our newest headmate, a certain queer ginger I'm majorly crushing on, came with too.

I promised Tormund a card reading, so I'm gonna give him one. I think I'll do this reading for all my new arrivals.
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It's been an extra rough week on top of a rough life lol. I just wanted to get some insight into my life in general, with all four aspects looked at.

1. Physical situation-Queen of Swords
This card is about resilience. I like the shark imagery on the card, too. It's a powerful card, and to me it almost says that right now, physically, I'm pretty good. I'm pretty resilient to the stresses that are getting to me in other aspects of my life.

2. Emotional situation-King of Wands
This is a card of practicality, and encourages exploring passions. And I do think I've been doing that a little. I've been enjoying my bullet journal and I've been trying to write. But I've definitely struggled sometimes, as in my executive dysfunction makes me procrastinate and procrastinate.

3. Mental situation-Two of Pentacles
This card represents options, and specifically that there are choices on the horizons. That's been the main source of my stress: what my living situation will be like and what my schooling will look like. With my aunts potential health issues, I 
may end up being a full time caregiver and I'll have to delay my schooling. There's so many variables and this is a huge source of stress.

4. Spiritual situation-The Star
This card represents hope and following your heart. I do feel like I'm on the right path with my spiritual stuff, and that I'm going to reach that star, or goal, I have.

5. Physical self care-The Wheel
This is a card of luck and destiny and going with the flow. To me, this is saying that my self care for my physical self is in a good place. I'm working on eating food I make myself, and adding more variety, and that's good for right now. I can focus on other aspects.

6. Emotional self care-Three of Cups
This card can indicate a reunion. This is a friendship card and indicates spending time with people who make you happy and who you love. Let other's help you.

7. Mental self care-Eight of Wands
This card's keyword is travel and BOY OH BOY I WOULD LOVE TO TRAVEL. I would love to get away, for three or four days and just mentally recharge. Over the last few weeks I've looked at placed like Great Wolf Lodge and other hotels and destinations to just go to and unwind. If I had the money I'd be on vacation. I'd be doing something. Just me and my headmates. Peaceful. Not to mention day trips like to Playdium even though summer is the WRONG time to go.

8. Spiritual self care-The Angel of the Ocean (Temperance)
Healing. I need to spend some time healing and doing more spiritual healing either on myself or with someone else. This card also indicates being patient. My spiritual path isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

New Deck!

Jul. 10th, 2017 06:31 pm
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I got two new tarot decks and I'm testing out the Oceanic Tarot. It's SO PRETTY

And it looks like it'll be straightforward. The cards are almost laid out like an oracle deck with keywords on the cards themselves.

I wanted some insight on what's going on with me and my xeno stuff. Like, I've always been into some aliens. Spock, Maul, and I went through a huge phase before Hex made me schedule my shit, where I was involved with a ton of different aliens from various Star Trek cultures including Klingon, Romulan, Vorta, Andorian,Ferengi, who knows...
It calmed down, but once I invited Dukat back, it's gotten more intense. I'm sure part of it is fangirling with my lizard fucker friends I met on Tumblr, but I doubt it's all them, because I'm also feeling things for Yondu.

So I found a spread called "What Just happened" so I'm going to do that.

1. What's happened?-Nine of Swords-Anxiety
Well, the last 24 hours have been super stressful because my my aunt is having some of the same issues that my mom had before she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. So it's been rough. On top of that, there's the regular panic I've been having in general with life. So I'm pretty much just always anxious.

2. What am I feeling?-Ace of Wands-Growth
The book specifies this can indicate spiritual growth, which is where I'm moving in my life. I'm trying to grow spiritually. But I'm surprised at this because I'm not actually feeling a lot of growth and currently I'm feeling more stagnant. Though, I am feeling like I'm growing in general. I'm cooking for myself, as best I can.
The card also mentioned pregnancy, which reminds me of the dream I had, and the seahorse, funnily enough, reminds me of a fanart I saw for Mermay with seahorse Yondu (his species are marsupials so of course pregnant seahorse fanart happened)

3. What do I need that I'm not receiving? -Eight of Swords-Restriction
I need to restrict myself? Well, this is probably true. I spend a lot of money all the time. Though the book says I'm being restricted, which also makes sense. Mentally I'm restricted for how much I can do, spoon wise. I can't make three meals a day for myself sometimes, so that leads to me having multiple cheese sandwiches as a meal. So I need energy and spoons. This is not surprising.

4. What am I asking for?-The Sun-Happiness
Jesus, hit the nail on the head why don't you? I honestly don't remember the last time I was truly happy, but I have been having fun with Dukat. So I guess I think that the xeno stuff will make me happy. That may or may not be true, but that's what I'm feeling.

I asked what would happen if I indulged and just went full alien orgy and the card I pulled was the Page of Pentacles, which represents opportunity.
To me it says It could go either way. If an opportunity presents itself, such as someone contacting me, or something, I can go for it and it could be okay.

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I am, once again, having problems with crushes. So I'm doing the same reading I did for Kaecilius, but this time for Yondu. Fitting that it's another Marvel problem.

1. The situation-Feather of Skulls (Knave of Wands)
Shaman of Fire. Abundance, ample resources, capacity for recovery, transformation. Fire is an action suit, which is interesting because I've been not acting.

2. Action-Horse of Crystals (Knight of Cups)
Ally of the Water. "A capacity to dream that can liberate the spirit or lose it amidst useless reveries. Importance of an oneiric life."
I don't know what this means.

3. Why am I struggling?-The Ancestral Shaman (The Magician)
The desire to modify reality with the strength of one's imagination. Initiation. Practical and dialectal skills. Great potential that has not yet been expressed

4. Outcome-The Upper World (The World)
Everything that is happening must happen. Full realization. Agreement. Renewal. Completeness. Desire for a new beginning.

I don't know what's happening here.
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I don't know what I should do about a situation with a former friend. A part of me wants to contact her after I found a post of hers, mostly for closure and truly airing my grievances, which I didn't do. But it does have the potential to open a can of worms.

So, Tarot.

1.When you need to know about where you are right now-Queen of Pentacles-Earth
This card can represent changes and actually mentions birth and midwifery, bringing something new into life. I feel like I'm at that point, I'm the thing being born, the thing growing and blossoming.

2. Benefits of speaking to her-Death-Matter and Antimatter
"When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other. But this destruction is not wanton of wasteful  because out of the process new particles are born.'
This has the potential to be explosive. It could have ripple affects through everything. Even so, it seems like ultimately it would be beneficial. New things come from this.

3. Downsides of speaking to her-Nine of Swords-Matter/Antimatter Annihilations
Fears with an external trigger. This could set me off in a negative way, or it could represent annihiliations, or ripple affects among other friends.

4. The probable outcome-Page of Cups-Ophiuchus
This card talks about healing and knowledge, and seeing the world with an innocent kind of wonder. Despite the awesome forces of all the inevitable emotions, this could be that rebirth I need.

5. Benefits of not speaking to her-Three of Swords-Red Dwarf
This card talks about feeling small, suppressing and denying pain. This ties in with the fact closure is important to me, I need to defend myself and I didn't do that before. However, n this position, it almost indicates I would be aware of this regardless? 

6. Downsides of not speaking to her-The Fool-The Big Bang
This is the genesis. This is birth. This is the start of a journey. This is newness. If I don't talk to her, I can't get this rebirth that I've been seeing repeated in other cards.

7. The probable outcome-Knight of Pentacles-Centaurus
This represents small steps, plodding along. It's a sharp contract to the violent explosions of annihilations. This is staying where I'm at.

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This is a list of all the decks I have, and will eventually be the landing page to when I do reviews for these decks. 
All my decks are stored with clear quartz and rose quartz

Celestial Tarot
Astrological and astronomical deck. Great for spiritual questions and anything more "out there."

Mayan Tarot
Very authentic style pictures, they look like rock carvings. Good for general readings.

Necronomicon Tarot
Fun deck, and gorgeous art. Great for nerds. Cool deck for mysteries, or for fun.

Zombie Tarot-Lepodite
This is my aesthetic. Horror kitsch. Retro-chic zombie fun. great for fun readings, I could see this going well at like a batchelorette party

Mystic Dreamers Tarot
I got this deck because I recognized a stock model from it. Okay deck, decent for dream interpretation but not the greatest.

Universal Goddesses Tarot
Wide variety of cultures represented, though there's a lot of Greek/Roman, Norse, and Celtic. Pretty art, great for love and relationship readings.

Mystic Faerie Tarot
First deck I got. Pretty art, cute deck. A little juvenile, but cute still. Good for general readings, pretty safe and comfortable for people who aren't into this kind of thing.

Quantum Tarot
Interesting deck, though the artwork leaves much to be desired. Each card is based on a scientific principle, which is cool though. Good for skeptics.

Transparent Tarot-extra clear quartz
Spreads are meant to be read in stacks, layered on top of each other. It's a neat idea but fails on execution a lot because the cards stick together.

Vampire Tarot-Bloodstone crystal
Very sexy vampire deck, classic. Great for fun readings, and more deeper or darker readings.

Sensual Wicca Tarot-zebra jasper
Overly sexual, which can be fun, but parts of it are a little too in your face. I suppose it would be good for sex readings, but I so rarely use this deck because it's just not one I enjoy much.

UFO Tarot
Spoopy. Actually it's a pretty great deck, lots of beautiful art work and multiple kinds of aliens are represented. I feel like it would be fun for parties, or for the mysterious.

Animals Divine Tarot
Animal frands! Lots of animals, and some gods and goddesses associated with them. Good for nature readings and fun readings

Egyptian Tarot
Papyrus style artwork, a little bland. Not super Egyptiany, but definitely good for Egyptian readings

Shaman Tarot-Apache tear
The suits can be a little hard to understand, but it's a pretty deck. Okay-ish for spiritual readings but not an amazing deck.

Bablyonian Tarot-Petrified wood
Neat deck, with an interesting take on tarot and includes some Bablyonian mythology. I'm not well versed in it, but pretty good deck for general readings.

Revelations Tarot
Beautiful stained glass cards, designed to be read with reversals. Simply stunning, and very powerful messages. Great for spiritual readings

Heart of the Faerie Oracle
Fun little deck. Good for work with the spirits, but leaves some to be desired for larger readings

Anubis Oracle
Very small, very limited, not really worth it for readings


May. 15th, 2017 07:48 pm
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I did a reading for [personal profile] the_choir today and it was pretty insightful I think.

There wa a scene in American Gods that really hit Fireez, and I offered to do a tarot reading. I modified a 12 Olympians spread using Egyptian gods.

Some didn't have a lot of messages, like Isis, who basically was like "YOU MARRIED GOOD MEN GREAT JOB GOLD STAR" but some were more insightful.

It looks like Anubis wants to interact with her more, and be part of her life. There weer a lot of healing and rebirth symbols, and I got the impression Anubis wants to act a little bit like a psychopomp, removing the things that are "dead" and then directing in healing. It reminds me of soul retrieval in Shamanism.

Bastet would like her to accept help when it's needed. I know how hard that is though.

My personal favorite, however, is what Thoth said.
Me: Thoth. The nine of pentacles. Dropping some wisdom. This card represents ambiguity, and I feel like this relates to your writing. As Thoth is a God of writing. You're cautious about it. But it might be time to throw caution to the wind.
Fr: Seeing how endlessly long I have been avoiding editing my novel and taking the leap to self-publish it, I think Thoth might be onto something here.
Me: I think so too. He's Shia Labeouf screaming "Just do it!"
Fr: Hahah omg now I'm just imagining an Ibis screeching at me.

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Since I had success yesterday, I'm doing the same thing again today.

Date: April 5, 2017
Deck: Necoronomicon
Spread: Three card

1. The Tower-The Great Ziggurat
2. The Hermit-I'thakuah
3. Three of Wands

The Tower and the Hermit together to me indicate that there will be something catastrophic happening, and I'll need to pull inside myself for a while. Also though, I'm thinking about my trip to Ottawa at the end of the month. The parliament buildings could be considered the Great Ziggurat, as it is the capital of the country. The Hermit comes into play after. I'll be spending almost a week alone with my aunt. I'll need time to relax after that. The Three of Wands is a positive card, after all of this stress. It's about things going according to plan and success. This could point towards a job after I get back from Ottawa.
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Just a 3 card today

1. Death

2. The Star

3. Ten of Cups

So I'm trying my hand at reading these cards together, as one single "unit" and I'm finding what I have interesting. The Star is a military medal, and paired with Death and the Ten of Cups, I immediately thought of our latest arrival, Percival. Here's this man who served in WWI, and came back with PTSD. Then on top of that he's definitely got PTSD from what happened to him (spoiler alert: Mugatu's ugly brother tortured him). That's the death part. He's been through fucking hell.

And we're the Ten of Cups. This is a card about contentment and peace and family. He's been here for a day and he's already adapting and fitting in. That's got to be significant. Credence went through the same thing and felt like this was home even when he was still too shy to talk.

Everything Percival went through, leads to this point of contentment.

Ironically enough, this could also be Hux.

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Credence and I have been debating indulging in our mutual thirst of Percival Graves. Problem is we're both super indecisive.

So now we're doing a tarot reading. Because why not?

Date: April 2, 2017
Deck: Celestial Tarot
Spread: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO spread
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With April around the corner, I'm doing a month preview spread.

Date: March 31, 2017
Deck: Mayan Tarot
Spread: Monthly spread

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Doing a modified spread today, for my twins! See, I don't need to know my emotional state. I'm stressed about exams and life in general.

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Friday, finally.

Date: March 24, 2017
Deck: Necronomicon
Spread: Friday spread

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Thursday is one of the longest days I have at school Not time wise, but I can only absorb so much accounting knowledge at a time.

Date: March 23, 2017
Deck: Babylonian Tarot
Spread: Thursday Spread
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Another installment. I like these spreads. They're quick and easy.
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The next of my days of the week spread.

Date: March 20, 2017
Deck: Animals Divine
Spread: Monday spread
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