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Doing a rune reading today. Just a single pull. I've been feeling creative and had an urge to learn to draw, so I got a sketchbook, some pencils, and a book and I'm starting to work through the book tonight. I'm doing a rune pull to maybe see if this is going to be successful (of course, I know I'll have to work on it and practice)

Kenaz-Beacon or torch. This rune promotes creativity and vision and that spark of life. And it talks about technical skills. The book I got is a 30 day long workbook program to develop technical skills. I pulled it out with the opening facing up, which to me symbolizes a cup, and is open and receptive, and that maybe I'll be open and receptive to the lessons here.
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I thought I'd try a rune reading today!

All interpretations from Sunnway.com
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This is a really neat spread I found in my OneNote notebooks I must have saved a while ago. It's based on the Pleiades, and is a good spread to use in the winter months. Winter just made a roaring comeback to Ontario so I'm thinking this'll be a great spread to use.

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This is my first time doing a reading not first thing in the morning. I'm doing a three card spread to do an overview of the day, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

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I'm going out for lunch with some friends and I expect we'll talk about a fourth friend who is going through some stuff.

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I actually have a question in mind today. It's a bit of a long story. the tl;dr version is that I really like Kaecilius from Doctor Strange.

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But I still don't know. So I'm doing my first daily reading about this.

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As an aside: while I was doing my new deck shuffle of this deck (I "reset" my decks and put them in book order when I know I won't use them) and the Quetzalcoatl card fell out. That's pretty good, I think. That maybe I'm doing the right thing with this new path.


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