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I started drinking tea. It caught my eye at the mall and I got some yesterday. I thought maybe I should look at the properties of the tea ingredients.

I'm not looking for herbalism, which I define as what the purported healing properties of the herb are. If I'm having a physical problem, I'm going to talk to my doctor first, or use something I'm familiar with that I know works. I've never been into naturopathy so I'm not looking at those at all. I'm looking at mystical or spiritual properties.

I bought three teas and I'll be trying each of them over the next few days ( I think a pitcher will last me two days), and I also have a couple fruity teas from a while ago that might also be good iced and I'll try them as well

This is the Electric Lemonade from David's Tea. To make a 64oz pitcher, I steeped 8 perfect scoops (their own scoop size) in 32oz of boiling water for seven minutes and then topped it off with water and chilled it overnight.

It's pretty good, not a very strong lemonade flavour. It's more of a mixed berry tea with some lemon aftertaste. I am going to try ten scoops to get a stronger flavour without oversteeping. It's very refreshing and light, with no tea taste. It's got caffeine and looks a little bit like pee. But overall I'd give it a solid B. I would definitely buy it again, especially if I can get it on sale like I did yesterday.

Apple: fertility, love, beauty (Source)
Blackberry leaves: female fertility (Source)
Blueberry: Protection (Source)
Green Mate: When I searched for this, I found yerba mate so I think they're very similar. Love, lust, fidelity. (Source)
Raspberry: Protection, love (Source)
Strawberry: Love, luck (Source)
Red Currant: I couldn't find anything, except for herbalism properties as opposed to mystical. Given the other ingredients of this tea, I can't imagine it's something outrageously different.

Given these ingredients, it's definitely a romance tea and could be used as a love potion.

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I actually have a question in mind today. It's a bit of a long story. the tl;dr version is that I really like Kaecilius from Doctor Strange.

The Long version )

But I still don't know. So I'm doing my first daily reading about this.

Tarot Reading )

Rune Reading )

As an aside: while I was doing my new deck shuffle of this deck (I "reset" my decks and put them in book order when I know I won't use them) and the Quetzalcoatl card fell out. That's pretty good, I think. That maybe I'm doing the right thing with this new path.


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