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I don't know what I should do about a situation with a former friend. A part of me wants to contact her after I found a post of hers, mostly for closure and truly airing my grievances, which I didn't do. But it does have the potential to open a can of worms.

So, Tarot.

1.When you need to know about where you are right now-Queen of Pentacles-Earth
This card can represent changes and actually mentions birth and midwifery, bringing something new into life. I feel like I'm at that point, I'm the thing being born, the thing growing and blossoming.

2. Benefits of speaking to her-Death-Matter and Antimatter
"When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other. But this destruction is not wanton of wasteful  because out of the process new particles are born.'
This has the potential to be explosive. It could have ripple affects through everything. Even so, it seems like ultimately it would be beneficial. New things come from this.

3. Downsides of speaking to her-Nine of Swords-Matter/Antimatter Annihilations
Fears with an external trigger. This could set me off in a negative way, or it could represent annihiliations, or ripple affects among other friends.

4. The probable outcome-Page of Cups-Ophiuchus
This card talks about healing and knowledge, and seeing the world with an innocent kind of wonder. Despite the awesome forces of all the inevitable emotions, this could be that rebirth I need.

5. Benefits of not speaking to her-Three of Swords-Red Dwarf
This card talks about feeling small, suppressing and denying pain. This ties in with the fact closure is important to me, I need to defend myself and I didn't do that before. However, n this position, it almost indicates I would be aware of this regardless? 

6. Downsides of not speaking to her-The Fool-The Big Bang
This is the genesis. This is birth. This is the start of a journey. This is newness. If I don't talk to her, I can't get this rebirth that I've been seeing repeated in other cards.

7. The probable outcome-Knight of Pentacles-Centaurus
This represents small steps, plodding along. It's a sharp contract to the violent explosions of annihilations. This is staying where I'm at.

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Today is Orson's 52 birthday! So why not do a tarot reading? He's my oldest partner (by human standards, the vampires and aliens are different)

He's taking it pretty low-key, probably because Callan has been waking up and staying up or a few hours in the night. His best friends, the Tarkins, are having a little thing tomorrow for him, and are babysitting Callan overnight. Fun birthday activities for today are: going to my aunt's house and doing laundry and hopefully not getting upset by her. Possibly watching Fantastic Beasts at my aunts house. Having a pork stir fry for dinner and I hope my texture issues aren't bad.

But anyway, here we go.


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This is my first time doing a reading not first thing in the morning. I'm doing a three card spread to do an overview of the day, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

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