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One of my headmates turned 44 yesterday. Due to some other stuff going on I didn't get a chance to do a reading for him, so I'm doing his birthday reading today. He doesn't really want one, but I'm doing one anyway.

Deck: UFO
Spread: Birthday

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It's been an extra rough week on top of a rough life lol. I just wanted to get some insight into my life in general, with all four aspects looked at.

1. Physical situation-Queen of Swords
This card is about resilience. I like the shark imagery on the card, too. It's a powerful card, and to me it almost says that right now, physically, I'm pretty good. I'm pretty resilient to the stresses that are getting to me in other aspects of my life.

2. Emotional situation-King of Wands
This is a card of practicality, and encourages exploring passions. And I do think I've been doing that a little. I've been enjoying my bullet journal and I've been trying to write. But I've definitely struggled sometimes, as in my executive dysfunction makes me procrastinate and procrastinate.

3. Mental situation-Two of Pentacles
This card represents options, and specifically that there are choices on the horizons. That's been the main source of my stress: what my living situation will be like and what my schooling will look like. With my aunts potential health issues, I 
may end up being a full time caregiver and I'll have to delay my schooling. There's so many variables and this is a huge source of stress.

4. Spiritual situation-The Star
This card represents hope and following your heart. I do feel like I'm on the right path with my spiritual stuff, and that I'm going to reach that star, or goal, I have.

5. Physical self care-The Wheel
This is a card of luck and destiny and going with the flow. To me, this is saying that my self care for my physical self is in a good place. I'm working on eating food I make myself, and adding more variety, and that's good for right now. I can focus on other aspects.

6. Emotional self care-Three of Cups
This card can indicate a reunion. This is a friendship card and indicates spending time with people who make you happy and who you love. Let other's help you.

7. Mental self care-Eight of Wands
This card's keyword is travel and BOY OH BOY I WOULD LOVE TO TRAVEL. I would love to get away, for three or four days and just mentally recharge. Over the last few weeks I've looked at placed like Great Wolf Lodge and other hotels and destinations to just go to and unwind. If I had the money I'd be on vacation. I'd be doing something. Just me and my headmates. Peaceful. Not to mention day trips like to Playdium even though summer is the WRONG time to go.

8. Spiritual self care-The Angel of the Ocean (Temperance)
Healing. I need to spend some time healing and doing more spiritual healing either on myself or with someone else. This card also indicates being patient. My spiritual path isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.
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Today is the solstice! In my personal mythology, this is when Quetzalcoatl is at his strongest, and after today, he transfers power back to Cama Zotz.

I don't have anything really planned for today, but I did stop at Chapters, and I got a new oracle deck. It's the Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides deck. I asked Dukat if he'd let me do a animal totem pull for him.

Pueo (Hawaiian Owl)

Omg they're adorable.

"Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay close attention to signs and omens from them."
I don't know much about Cardassian spiritual beliefs, but I do know family is hugely important to them. And Dukat has lost pretty much all of his family.

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I don't know what I should do about a situation with a former friend. A part of me wants to contact her after I found a post of hers, mostly for closure and truly airing my grievances, which I didn't do. But it does have the potential to open a can of worms.

So, Tarot.

1.When you need to know about where you are right now-Queen of Pentacles-Earth
This card can represent changes and actually mentions birth and midwifery, bringing something new into life. I feel like I'm at that point, I'm the thing being born, the thing growing and blossoming.

2. Benefits of speaking to her-Death-Matter and Antimatter
"When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other. But this destruction is not wanton of wasteful  because out of the process new particles are born.'
This has the potential to be explosive. It could have ripple affects through everything. Even so, it seems like ultimately it would be beneficial. New things come from this.

3. Downsides of speaking to her-Nine of Swords-Matter/Antimatter Annihilations
Fears with an external trigger. This could set me off in a negative way, or it could represent annihiliations, or ripple affects among other friends.

4. The probable outcome-Page of Cups-Ophiuchus
This card talks about healing and knowledge, and seeing the world with an innocent kind of wonder. Despite the awesome forces of all the inevitable emotions, this could be that rebirth I need.

5. Benefits of not speaking to her-Three of Swords-Red Dwarf
This card talks about feeling small, suppressing and denying pain. This ties in with the fact closure is important to me, I need to defend myself and I didn't do that before. However, n this position, it almost indicates I would be aware of this regardless? 

6. Downsides of not speaking to her-The Fool-The Big Bang
This is the genesis. This is birth. This is the start of a journey. This is newness. If I don't talk to her, I can't get this rebirth that I've been seeing repeated in other cards.

7. The probable outcome-Knight of Pentacles-Centaurus
This represents small steps, plodding along. It's a sharp contract to the violent explosions of annihilations. This is staying where I'm at.


May. 15th, 2017 07:48 pm
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I did a reading for [personal profile] the_choir today and it was pretty insightful I think.

There wa a scene in American Gods that really hit Fireez, and I offered to do a tarot reading. I modified a 12 Olympians spread using Egyptian gods.

Some didn't have a lot of messages, like Isis, who basically was like "YOU MARRIED GOOD MEN GREAT JOB GOLD STAR" but some were more insightful.

It looks like Anubis wants to interact with her more, and be part of her life. There weer a lot of healing and rebirth symbols, and I got the impression Anubis wants to act a little bit like a psychopomp, removing the things that are "dead" and then directing in healing. It reminds me of soul retrieval in Shamanism.

Bastet would like her to accept help when it's needed. I know how hard that is though.

My personal favorite, however, is what Thoth said.
Me: Thoth. The nine of pentacles. Dropping some wisdom. This card represents ambiguity, and I feel like this relates to your writing. As Thoth is a God of writing. You're cautious about it. But it might be time to throw caution to the wind.
Fr: Seeing how endlessly long I have been avoiding editing my novel and taking the leap to self-publish it, I think Thoth might be onto something here.
Me: I think so too. He's Shia Labeouf screaming "Just do it!"
Fr: Hahah omg now I'm just imagining an Ibis screeching at me.

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I mentioned yesterday that one of my headmates wanted to have a tarot reading to gain some insight to recurring dreams he has. They are very sexual in nature, and he has these dreams multiple times a week.

The headmate in question is Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones. TV-verse. 18 years old, played by Thomas Brodie-Stangster. He is the equivalent of psychic, and with these dreams reoccurring, he's pretty sure they mean something.

In his dreams, he is back in Westeros, north of the Wall. In his own words:
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I'm doing a reading, and a mutual friend is doing a reading as well, so he'll have two perspectives (one from just a friend, and one from his girlfriend).

Cause of the Dream

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