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When the shop didn't have a black tourmaline egg, Percival didn't choose tumbled pieces, or a sphere. He then gravitated to a wand. At the time I didn't think much of it, but now...think about it.

Black tourmaline offers protection and helps manage fear, right?

And Grindelwald stole his wand, right?

So of course he'd gravitate to it. It's incredibly symbolic. His wand couldn't save him the first time.
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So I don't purposefully assign or find crystals for headmates, but sometimes they find ones they like. Jojen, for example, had a green adventurine heart.

After my final exam and hair appointment, we went to the crystal store. Percival was just following me around at first, but I noticed he was drawn to the three window crystals they had: Clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. I told him to go through the baskets and pick ones he liked.

I told him to look at stuff and see what else he likes. He kept taking me to thinks he knew I liked, and I told him to put me aside, and pick what he likes.

He was drawn to egg shaped crystals and to black tourmaline. There was no black tourmaline eggs, but we found a nice wand on sale.

We'll keep our eyes open for an egg, but I found it interesting he was drawn to egg shapes. Eggs are symbols of fertility and new life and rebirth. Black tourmaline is a protection stone, especially against dark energy. It also helps against claustrophobia and fears.

He won't admit it, but he's been having a rough day today. He went through so much, and he's still in a place where he doesn't admit it. So finding himself drawn to this stone is pretty significant.

Another fun aside is that our total came to $66.6(7).

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Just a 3 card today

1. Death

2. The Star

3. Ten of Cups

So I'm trying my hand at reading these cards together, as one single "unit" and I'm finding what I have interesting. The Star is a military medal, and paired with Death and the Ten of Cups, I immediately thought of our latest arrival, Percival. Here's this man who served in WWI, and came back with PTSD. Then on top of that he's definitely got PTSD from what happened to him (spoiler alert: Mugatu's ugly brother tortured him). That's the death part. He's been through fucking hell.

And we're the Ten of Cups. This is a card about contentment and peace and family. He's been here for a day and he's already adapting and fitting in. That's got to be significant. Credence went through the same thing and felt like this was home even when he was still too shy to talk.

Everything Percival went through, leads to this point of contentment.

Ironically enough, this could also be Hux.


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