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Went to the psychic fair again! You can read about my previous experience here. I went with my sister in law and we had fun together. She loved the Moonology booth, which I went to last time.

I got my aura and chakras checked and they were pretty much the same as last time, so the guy didn't charge me, and Brittany got to have hers done instead. She and I have a lot of similarities, which is cool. It's probably why we get along. I get along better with her than my other stepbrother's girlfriend.

I didn't have another reading done, just because of money. The next fair is in January, so I'll save some birthday/Christmas money for that.

Only Thor came with us. The clones and Bran were supposed to go, but I suspect Thomas had a bad day with his recovery. Our newest headmate, a certain queer ginger I'm majorly crushing on, came with too.

I promised Tormund a card reading, so I'm gonna give him one. I think I'll do this reading for all my new arrivals.
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The next of my days of the week spread.

Date: March 20, 2017
Deck: Animals Divine
Spread: Monday spread
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I actually have a question in mind today. It's a bit of a long story. the tl;dr version is that I really like Kaecilius from Doctor Strange.

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But I still don't know. So I'm doing my first daily reading about this.

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As an aside: while I was doing my new deck shuffle of this deck (I "reset" my decks and put them in book order when I know I won't use them) and the Quetzalcoatl card fell out. That's pretty good, I think. That maybe I'm doing the right thing with this new path.


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