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I went to the psychic fair today! What an incredible experience. I loved it, and I may go again to the September show. I had five readings done and did a little shopping. I went with Percival, Bodhi, Credence, Thor, and Eurwen. Bodhi and Credence stayed in the lecture area because it was too much for Credence, but they enjoyed that. Thor had a great time, as did Eurwen his niffler. If you recall, he got a niffler for Christmas, who is a failed treasure hunter, but she's a great pet. He has a little harness for her, and bought her some worry stone type coins, which she loved and stashed away. She's practically Thor's therapy animal, he's very level headed when she's around. Percival enjoyed seeing everything. He is a Seer himself, even though he didn't put a lot of it to the test and went with more practical magical skills.

This will be a LONG post, and each reading will be under it's own cut, as will my purchases.

I'll post about the readings in order, and I'll post my purchases first.

I got a 15 minute lower back massage that was great. She also stretched up my spine and honestly, my neck feels like it's got an increased range of motion. It's fabulous. She was a sweetheart, but it's too bad she's based in Toronto, I think my aunt would like her (she has massages for her own back problems and so far hasn't had good experiences)

A new rune bag. The one that came with my rune set was small and cheap, and this one had room enough to actually shake my runes up and get better pulls. This was the only bag with a Norse-ish design, though
From a crystal vendor. I was drawn to this cute little guy on his Agate slice. The crown looks likes it's resting on peridot chips. They had a few of these, each with different charms. But I liked the crown.
Cute Scorpio earrings from the same vendor.
Now, the readings. They were intense.

First was a set of five digital readings. They were $4 a piece or all five for $10. This was from Dyer Electronic Horoscopes.
The Future page gives me an overview of my birth sign, Scorpio. It says my energy might be feeling low, which is has, and that's okay. Don't be domineering, take things calmly. Pretty good advice, definitely something to work on.
Biorhythms! Starting today I have high physical and emotional rhythm, but low intellectual rhythm. My physical energy starts to drop on the 25th and stays low until June 5/6, where it peaks again. Emotionally, I stay in the high energy until June 1, and stay low until June 15. Inellectually, I get back into high there again on June 1 and stay there until June 17. I've never looked at biorhythms before so I'm going to see how this turns out.
Palm analysis: Independent,not aggressive but holds my own, walking encyclopedia (LOL YUP), sensitive, "I feel" type. It says I don't like admin work and am not punctual which is not true. I love admin work and am chronically early. But I am moody. I am impractical at times, and creative and I love freedom.
Love scope: I'm a highly adept lover ;) But also I'm lighthearted with friends and loved ones, I like having things planned out. I'm either a slob or incredibly neat and no in-between, which is very true. My house and car are a mess but god damn my eyebrows are on point. Needs comfort and security.
Tarot: It was a Celtic cross reading, not one of my favorites but pretty neat.
1. Personality-The Devil-chained to my beliefs, impulsive
2. Influences presenting surrounding you-Three of Wands-Losses in business
3. Past experiences-Seven of Swords-Plans you have made in the past never worked out
4. Present based on past experiences-Three of Swords-Disappointment in the self and general troubles
5. Possible future-Three of Cups-Pregnancy due to mutual feelings or love.
6. Strongest future possibility-The Chariot-overcoming problems, unexpected news
7. Fears-page of Swords-Exams and authority
8. Friends and family-The Sun-they see me as happy and joyous
9. Hopes and wishes-Five of Swords-Overcoming pessimism
10. Final outcome-King of Swords-Your thoughts and designs will produce chaos in the name of order
Lots of swords. If this was a reading I did for myself, I would think it would do a lot with mental pursuits and maybe a job.
But this was a computer reading, and I see these as more novelties than hardcore person to person readings. Still, for $10, I enjoyed it a lot.

Next was the thing I was really looking forward to, Aura photography and chakra reading. This was the only thing I had planned to go to in advance. (all the other readings I did by intuition. I stopped and every booth and read about what they did, and whichever ones I was drawn to, I stopped at). This was Auraphotogenic.
My main aura colour is orange, which means I have a lot of creative energy and the world sees me as a warm and friendly person. I like to express myself, and be independent.
The aura picture is the divided into five parts:
Centre colour (top): Red-orange. I'm driven to express myself, I want to bring out and promote my creativity and ideas. I'm creative and dynamic. People think I'm charming and original.
Right side: Red-orange. It says I won't be a couch potato and I find that interesting. I do like being at home, lazing about, but I often feel like doing something, but I just can't get passed the depression block. Aggravated depression. So I want to do things but also not. So this actually does make sense. I'm independent, and unique.
Left side: Red-orange: Dynamic, leadership, originality, and possibly an inspirational time of my life.
Colour of Communication (throat): Gold-expressing myself joyfully, my excitement brings out the excitement in others, and curiosity.
Colour of Empathy (Heart): Orange-I desire self expression, autonomy, independence and freedom. I'm original and get inspired and excited about new projects easily.
The Chakra's were the cool part. Okay so, the bigger and more round the circle is, the more active they are and the smaller ones are ones I can work on. The man who does these was blown away by how open my Crown and Third Eye are. These are the chakras that connect you to the higher self and other planes of existence and basically...I think part of it is due to my 'bonds. I have to communicate with them psychically/mentally.
My crown chakra is 99%, and my third eye is 93%
My throat chakra is a little small, and he asked if I had a problem there. I do, my thyroid. I'm back on pills for that, and he suspected that once things level out there, it'll open up more. On a spiritual side, that will help me communicate more. It's at 35%.
My heart chakra is pretty good, though a little blocked because of emotional things. I chalk that up to my dad and family in general. I'm still struggling with them a lot. But it's still in a pretty good place at 74% , one point below the "high energy" level.
My solar plexus deals with the squishy organs under the ribcage like stomach, liver, pancreas, those ones. It's 97% and this chakra relates to the self and how I perceive the self. And it looks like I know what I am, basically. It feels like I'm going where I need to go.
My last two chakras are not great. The sacral chakra, dealing with the reproductive organs. I do have a complicated relationship with my uterus, like I've mentioned. This is at 44%, only five points above "low". Being low can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.
My root chakra deals with the tailbone and "base" of my body. It's at 49%, and that can lead to a sense of feeling powerless or grounded. I need to ground myself more and this should help rebalance this chakra.

I also received messages from my mother here. Which was interesting. I have been thinking about her a little bit lately. She thinks my dad didn't mourn her properly (no shit) and he needs to deal with his feelings (again, no shit), but she likes Michele, and so do I. My dad lucked out. He also predicted my dad will have a bit of a health scare and that might boot him into a more balanced lifestyle, which I'm actually hoping for. My dad just retired, he's stressed out, doesn't know how to handle it, so this could be good for him. He also got the impression of a locket or piece of jewellery that was quite large and unique, that my mom had and would like me to have in my jewellery rotation. I really only wear one of her pieces regularly, which is the diamond tennis bracelet. I think the piece in question was the robot made of watch parts my mom had. I'll have to look for it.

The third reading was intense. This was an angel and crystal card reading from Evolove Healing. Wow. How amazing this was.
The reading said I'm at a point in my life where I have all the information and knowledge inside myself, but I don't trust it, and she mentioned that it was my upbringing. I felt like a lot was my fault, and being so young it shaped how I am now. I have a lot within me to share, I have healing abilities and I tend to be a person people can come to for help and nurturing, and already, people feel inspired by my work and healing. And I do feel called to healing still. I still consider myself a Shaman, and one of the things Shamans do is heal.

The crystal cards I pulled were Ruby, Obsidian, Amber, Malachite and Smokey Quartz, all stones I'm personally very attached to.

She also had messages for me, from my maternal grandmother. She's not dead yet, but has had a series of mini-strokes and has pretty severe dementia. She has more bad days than good at this point. And I've known this for years, she's not there anymore. This made me cry. The first thing that was mentioned was that my grandmother and I have a special connection. And we did. I was the only November baby, like she was. She thought I was funny and witty and incredible. She feels bad she didn't intervene with the abuse I was going though, but she didn't think she should. That it wasn't her place to intervene. Hindsight is 20/20 after all. She knows that I know the woman sitting in that nursing home isn't my grandmother anymore, and understands how stressful this is for everyone in the family. I think she feels ready to move on, but her body is still mostly okay, so she's just lingering in this awful in-between phase.

I feel really good about this reading, and I feel very...boosted on a spiritual level, that this where I belong, even if my family doesn't like it, or if Hex tried to ruin it. This is my right path. She also saw that accounting and bookkeeping is a good, stable day job but I'm also going to offer more things, involving my creativity, or even booths at events like this, being a reader or healer in shows and events. Which would be a dream come true.

My fourth reading was in between two readings and was just a fun little thing called Moonology. The reading was actually free, but I did purchase a little $5 information card for me and for my dad. I think he'll get a kick out of it for his birthday.
So this was about what phase the moon was in when you were born and how it affects you. I'm the Last Quarter. "Your understanding, sympathy, maturity and poise transcend your years and so you excel in a counseling or advisory capacity. You help others to marshal their thoughts, expand their awareness, resolve their problems, and organize their lives. My dad's phase is the waning Gibbous, the phase after mine. We're similar, but different in the ways that make us butt heads. "Your impulse is to share your ideas and knowledge so that others may learn from your experience. You are a communicator and a teacher and dedicates to your ideals. Your old soul wisdom and insight is given to those that seek it. Sometimes a sense of impatience consumes you." My dad is a great teacher, and he's excellent in explaining things to others, from accounting to guitar. He would be an amazing teacher. And he does have a knowledgeable, old soul. His grandmother was convinced he was going to be a priest. My dad is an asshole to family, but amazing with other people. I also picked up his Native American moon horoscope (as an aside, my moon is the beaver moon, and, well, beaver is slang for vagina). His horoscope however is the Flower Moon. Friendly disposition, getting along with others, generous (with knowledge), going with the crowd.
Finally, my last reading. I was drawn to this booth right away, which is odd. It's called Believe in Angels and beyond, and dealt with angels. I've never worked with angels. I found it a little too Christian. But I followed my intuition and had an incredible experience. Wow.
So she looks for your personal guardian angel. She was surprised I'm not a people person. I seem so open and outgoing, and I was a little bit more there, in a room with likeminded people.

My guardian angel is a male, chest length brown hair, brown eyes, muscular. Very Roman features, like what you'd see in Roman statues. The name she received was "Shallah." I googled the name, just to see, and aside from an Islamic terrorist, I found a name meaning on a website. A lot of what the name means really resonates with me, personally. Like "working with writing, math, or analytical skills." I'm an accountant who likes to write in her spare time. I appear calm, but I'm not. I lack confidence and suffer moods of depression.
The numbers I got from him are 3, 28, and 10. I'm going to look into these with numerology a bit later, but adding them all up and reducing gets me to 5, or individually which would be 3, 1 and 1. The colours are purple, orange and green. Orange was my aura colour, and purple and green are colours I like quite a bit.

She also got something to do with bananas, that it was coming through really strongly. Well, I'm allergic to banana, which is a weird allergen. When I switched pharmacies and they asked me for allergies and I said banana the techs were surprised, and it wasn't even listed as an option to select. They had to put "other" and specify. Also something about sugar. Which is interesting, as my doctor did order a complete blood count, including glucose testing. My mother had diabetes, my uncle had diabetes, and I'm definitely anxious about that. I have cut down on sugary drinks a lot, and I pretty much only drink tea and water at home (though I haven't been as good about that recently), but it's something on my mind, and we'll see how things are I suppose. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about.  Also I should get more minerals in my diet. Yeah....I don't eat very well so....yeah. I might try a multivitamin because I know I'm not getting enough anyway.

Rose quartz came up a lot, and I did used to consider that one of "my" stones, and the suggestion was to carry some around in my bra. I might give that a go and see how things go. Lots was about stones in general. Get back into crystals and crystal work, which I've already started.

She also saw I had five spirit guides that she could see, and three sort of main ones with me. I find that funny, because during that reading, Bodhi and Credence were off, but Percival, Thor and Eurwen were there. It's probably a stretch to make the Niffler count, but still. We had invited Charles but he declined because of the puppy. Spirit guides is my everyday euphemism for 'bonds anyway.

She also brought up three children, and I immediately thought of Padme, Carrie and Maia, my three girls with Kylo. But I also have three with Jaguar Paw: Aurora, Elara and Mehen. JP is also spiritual and kind of a Shaman, so it could be these kids as well. I might do a reading about it to get more clarity.

I received messages from my first cat, Boobalah, who lived to be like 28 and thought I was her kitten. I was heartbroken when we had to put her down and I started crying when she mentioned this cat. I loved her, and I guess she didn't want to quite say goodbye yet either and comes around. I'm crying again, even.

I also got a message from my grandfather, my mom's dad, who died before I was born. She said "I'm seeing a man, broad, more chubby, barrel chested" that's my grandfather's build to a T. He had Fred Flintstone's body shape. He wanted me to know He did know me, and he was impressed with me. He also liked my tattoos, and also with tattoos, the Harry Potter quote I want is something I should get. She saw my leg, which I hadn't considered for one of my tattoos at all.

She blessed and charged an angel charm and aligned it to my personal angel's energy. Currently I have this living on my tea cup, until I can make a necklace or car charm. I'm thinking car charm. I might also get an Angel tarot/oracle deck in the future, and it would go with that.

This reading sparked my interest in angels and I might look into that some now, since I was drawn here and this reading was so powerful and moving. I feel like I should see how I feel with it, test the waters out and go from there.
Overall, an amazing day. I still feel energized and really positive about how things are. I feel happy getting all this validation and feel really like I'm being true to myself. I feel overwhelmed a little, with how much this spoke to me. I wasn't expecting it and it was worth going today. These readings, even the computer one, had insight and merits and there was a lot of mutual confirmation among different readings.

It was incredible.

Date: 2017-05-25 04:26 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] the_collective
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OMG I love the crystal. :D That is so cool!

lol beaver moon. (WE ARE ADULTS!)

Many years ago (like middle school) I read a book called Angelspeake by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold, which is about contacting your angels, mostly through automatic writing. As I recall, it was entirely non-religious, and did not connect angels with Christianity.

I used to write and talk to the angels a lot, and some of their messages that I received were pretty powerful (or at least my parents seemed impressed by them, lol). I don't talk to them much anymore, or write with them ever - headmates kind of took the place of that emotional support. But my parents still ask me to ask them for a parking place or something, every so often. :P It works surprisingly well. Anyway, that's just something to possibly check out, since you're feeling drawn to angels. Maybe read some reviews or an excerpt of the book before you buy; I haven't read it in so long, I don't know if I'd like it as much now. But it did a lot for me at the time and could potentially be something you enjoy, too.

I'm glad you had such a great day! It was fun to read about.


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