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Went to the psychic fair again! You can read about my previous experience here. I went with my sister in law and we had fun together. She loved the Moonology booth, which I went to last time.

I got my aura and chakras checked and they were pretty much the same as last time, so the guy didn't charge me, and Brittany got to have hers done instead. She and I have a lot of similarities, which is cool. It's probably why we get along. I get along better with her than my other stepbrother's girlfriend.

I didn't have another reading done, just because of money. The next fair is in January, so I'll save some birthday/Christmas money for that.

Only Thor came with us. The clones and Bran were supposed to go, but I suspect Thomas had a bad day with his recovery. Our newest headmate, a certain queer ginger I'm majorly crushing on, came with too.

I promised Tormund a card reading, so I'm gonna give him one. I think I'll do this reading for all my new arrivals.

Deck: Animals Divine

1. Who are you?-Cerridwen-The Magician
Transformation, directing energies. There is something fundamentally ancient about Cerridwen and her association with deer. So that fits for Tormund. Not only is Westeros a more medieval culture, he is a wildling, one of the first men, not beholden to the politics of anything south of the wall. So he, too, is a very primal sort of person. He brings that wild part, and possibly could be someone assisting in my own spiritual practice.

2. What brought you here?-Anahita-Page of Swords
Curiosity, opportunity to expand oneself, possibility. Anahita is a Persian goddess, who is another fertility goddess (Cerridwen is also associated with fertility) and honestly...the more I think about it, the more I'm reminded of like, a green man figure?

3. What are you bringing to headspace?-Xochiquetzal-Temperance
Another fucking fertility goddess! Aztec, which is one of my tribes. This card is about balance and harmony, and embracing transformation. It's a lot about learning to let go.

4. What will we teach you?-Yhi-Knight of Wands
Four for four on the goddesses. Yhi is Australian aboriginal. Determination, focus and initiative. The biggest hurdle we're facing is teaching him to read, and to be honest, with that will come focus and initiative and a new view of things. The world opens up so much when you can read and explore.

5. What will you teach us?-Quetzalcoatl-King of Swords
Hey! A dude! And my patron deity. This card represents order, deliberation, and careful thought. It's funny, you'd think the previous card and this one would be swapped. But this in a way makes sense. We will teach him how to control some of his determination and focus (which he does have. Watch the Battle of the Bastards if you don't believe me) and he will teach me/us to be less orderly and maybe act more impulsively. Plus I think this card represents Quetzalcoatl may call on him as well.

6. Your relationship with Quetzal-Giraffe-Seven of Pentacles
Innovation, pushing boundaries. This is about extending beyond our comfort zones and reaching out. I feel like theres a lot of opportunity for growth, for us both.

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Glad you had fun at the fair! I love that reading. I'll have to try and remember to do it for new arrivals, too. Sounds like Tormund is going to give and receive a lot of great stuff. A green man figure makes a lot of sense to me for him too, for reasons I can't quite articulate.

Date: 2017-09-05 05:23 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] the_collective
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