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Today is Orson's 52 birthday! So why not do a tarot reading? He's my oldest partner (by human standards, the vampires and aliens are different)

He's taking it pretty low-key, probably because Callan has been waking up and staying up or a few hours in the night. His best friends, the Tarkins, are having a little thing tomorrow for him, and are babysitting Callan overnight. Fun birthday activities for today are: going to my aunt's house and doing laundry and hopefully not getting upset by her. Possibly watching Fantastic Beasts at my aunts house. Having a pork stir fry for dinner and I hope my texture issues aren't bad.

But anyway, here we go.


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I thought today I'd do something a little different. I might actually do this every month, maybe in the middle of the month too, now that I'm thinking about it. I wanted to do a reading for my husbands. It was originally just one card for each of them, and I might do that if I do this at the beginning or end of the month, but for the middle of the month, it would be two cards. Card one would be sort of a "What have I learned this month" and the second would be "where am I going next?"

It's a big reading. twenty cards. And for the most part my partners are open minded. Spock, Dwalin and Maul are all spiritual. Daryl and Murdock are pretty agnostic.Edward is Anglican. Jaime follows the Faith of the Seven. Gabriel is Pagan-ish. Dave and Orson are pretty atheist, but Orson is fascinated by this and both of them are respectful.

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