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Today is the solstice! In my personal mythology, this is when Quetzalcoatl is at his strongest, and after today, he transfers power back to Cama Zotz.

I don't have anything really planned for today, but I did stop at Chapters, and I got a new oracle deck. It's the Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides deck. I asked Dukat if he'd let me do a animal totem pull for him.

Pueo (Hawaiian Owl)

Omg they're adorable.

"Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay close attention to signs and omens from them."
I don't know much about Cardassian spiritual beliefs, but I do know family is hugely important to them. And Dukat has lost pretty much all of his family.

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So I don't purposefully assign or find crystals for headmates, but sometimes they find ones they like. Jojen, for example, had a green adventurine heart.

After my final exam and hair appointment, we went to the crystal store. Percival was just following me around at first, but I noticed he was drawn to the three window crystals they had: Clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. I told him to go through the baskets and pick ones he liked.

I told him to look at stuff and see what else he likes. He kept taking me to thinks he knew I liked, and I told him to put me aside, and pick what he likes.

He was drawn to egg shaped crystals and to black tourmaline. There was no black tourmaline eggs, but we found a nice wand on sale.

We'll keep our eyes open for an egg, but I found it interesting he was drawn to egg shapes. Eggs are symbols of fertility and new life and rebirth. Black tourmaline is a protection stone, especially against dark energy. It also helps against claustrophobia and fears.

He won't admit it, but he's been having a rough day today. He went through so much, and he's still in a place where he doesn't admit it. So finding himself drawn to this stone is pretty significant.

Another fun aside is that our total came to $66.6(7).

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Just a 3 card today

1. Death

2. The Star

3. Ten of Cups

So I'm trying my hand at reading these cards together, as one single "unit" and I'm finding what I have interesting. The Star is a military medal, and paired with Death and the Ten of Cups, I immediately thought of our latest arrival, Percival. Here's this man who served in WWI, and came back with PTSD. Then on top of that he's definitely got PTSD from what happened to him (spoiler alert: Mugatu's ugly brother tortured him). That's the death part. He's been through fucking hell.

And we're the Ten of Cups. This is a card about contentment and peace and family. He's been here for a day and he's already adapting and fitting in. That's got to be significant. Credence went through the same thing and felt like this was home even when he was still too shy to talk.

Everything Percival went through, leads to this point of contentment.

Ironically enough, this could also be Hux.

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Credence and I have been debating indulging in our mutual thirst of Percival Graves. Problem is we're both super indecisive.

So now we're doing a tarot reading. Because why not?

Date: April 2, 2017
Deck: Celestial Tarot
Spread: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO spread
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Today is Orson's 52 birthday! So why not do a tarot reading? He's my oldest partner (by human standards, the vampires and aliens are different)

He's taking it pretty low-key, probably because Callan has been waking up and staying up or a few hours in the night. His best friends, the Tarkins, are having a little thing tomorrow for him, and are babysitting Callan overnight. Fun birthday activities for today are: going to my aunt's house and doing laundry and hopefully not getting upset by her. Possibly watching Fantastic Beasts at my aunts house. Having a pork stir fry for dinner and I hope my texture issues aren't bad.

But anyway, here we go.


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I thought today I'd do something a little different. I might actually do this every month, maybe in the middle of the month too, now that I'm thinking about it. I wanted to do a reading for my husbands. It was originally just one card for each of them, and I might do that if I do this at the beginning or end of the month, but for the middle of the month, it would be two cards. Card one would be sort of a "What have I learned this month" and the second would be "where am I going next?"

It's a big reading. twenty cards. And for the most part my partners are open minded. Spock, Dwalin and Maul are all spiritual. Daryl and Murdock are pretty agnostic.Edward is Anglican. Jaime follows the Faith of the Seven. Gabriel is Pagan-ish. Dave and Orson are pretty atheist, but Orson is fascinated by this and both of them are respectful.

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I actually have a question in mind today. It's a bit of a long story. the tl;dr version is that I really like Kaecilius from Doctor Strange.

The Long version )

But I still don't know. So I'm doing my first daily reading about this.

Tarot Reading )

Rune Reading )

As an aside: while I was doing my new deck shuffle of this deck (I "reset" my decks and put them in book order when I know I won't use them) and the Quetzalcoatl card fell out. That's pretty good, I think. That maybe I'm doing the right thing with this new path.
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I mentioned yesterday that one of my headmates wanted to have a tarot reading to gain some insight to recurring dreams he has. They are very sexual in nature, and he has these dreams multiple times a week.

The headmate in question is Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones. TV-verse. 18 years old, played by Thomas Brodie-Stangster. He is the equivalent of psychic, and with these dreams reoccurring, he's pretty sure they mean something.

In his dreams, he is back in Westeros, north of the Wall. In his own words:
A little explicit? )

I'm doing a reading, and a mutual friend is doing a reading as well, so he'll have two perspectives (one from just a friend, and one from his girlfriend).

Cause of the Dream

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Oct. 28th, 2016 08:50 pm
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I'm very tired, having had a nearly 12 hour labour for the baby I was carrying for two of my bonds (as a surrogate), but another bond asked me to do a dream interpretation reading for him.

I'm too tired to do it tonight, but I had enough energy to look at spreads, so there are a couple that look interesting:

Soul Dreamer's Reading

1.) Key- choose a card that best describes the situation or your feelings
2.) Dream Situation-where, when, how
3.) Energy Within- primary energy of the dream
4.) Conscious Meaning-what the dream means to you in waking life
5.) Subconscious Meaning-what the dream means at your inner psychic level
6.) Serpent Energy-cause the dream to manifest
7.) Outcome-how it will manifest

Cause of the Dream

1.) Environment in the dream
2.) Influence in the dream
3.) Real World environment of the dreamer
4.) Real World influences to the dream
5, 6.) What situations sparked this dream
7, 8.) What emotions sparked this dream
9.) Action to take to make the dream come true
10.) What will happen if no action is taken
11.) How the dream affects your waking life
12.) Underlying message of the dream
13.) How to best use this information
14.) Possible solution to the dream

Both are from this thread on Aeclectic Tarot.

I'm not sure which one we'll use yet, but we have until tomorrow to figure it out. Gator boy can put some thought into it, and to what deck he wants me to use.


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