Mar. 13th, 2017

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The problems I'd run into before about paganism were I didn't feel like I did practice right. Somehow. I was obsessed with gathering information and I wanted to get everything and then I'd organize it and make a perfect book, and then I could be a Pagan.

It's very flawed, of course. But something about that still feels right to me.

But I'm going to do it different this time.

So I'll read books, make notes, and if another book has something else, go with my intuition. Don't let myself get bogged down in details.

No idea how well I'll manage. I'm hoping to start with my first book this week, depending on how I'm feeling (Which right now is bad) and class work (which right now is moderately heavy)

I'll be starting with my e-books first (because ease), picked at random. To help myself not be so linear and caught up in details.

I'll keep things updated here, obviously.
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This is my first time doing a reading not first thing in the morning. I'm doing a three card spread to do an overview of the day, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

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