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I went to the psychic fair today! What an incredible experience. I loved it, and I may go again to the September show. I had five readings done and did a little shopping. I went with Percival, Bodhi, Credence, Thor, and Eurwen. Bodhi and Credence stayed in the lecture area because it was too much for Credence, but they enjoyed that. Thor had a great time, as did Eurwen his niffler. If you recall, he got a niffler for Christmas, who is a failed treasure hunter, but she's a great pet. He has a little harness for her, and bought her some worry stone type coins, which she loved and stashed away. She's practically Thor's therapy animal, he's very level headed when she's around. Percival enjoyed seeing everything. He is a Seer himself, even though he didn't put a lot of it to the test and went with more practical magical skills.

This will be a LONG post, and each reading will be under it's own cut, as will my purchases.

I'll post about the readings in order, and I'll post my purchases first.

Shopping! )
Now, the readings. They were intense.

Computer Reading )
Chakra and Aura reading )

Evolove Angel and Crystal reading )
Moonology )
Guardian Angel reading )
Overall, an amazing day. I still feel energized and really positive about how things are. I feel happy getting all this validation and feel really like I'm being true to myself. I feel overwhelmed a little, with how much this spoke to me. I wasn't expecting it and it was worth going today. These readings, even the computer one, had insight and merits and there was a lot of mutual confirmation among different readings.

It was incredible.


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