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Here I am, all caught up! So now I'll just be doing it daily.

1. What do you believe?
That's a complicated question. I guess I believe something is out there. But I also hardcore believe that we are products of millions of years of mutations and dumb luck. I believe in the Big Bang, and I believe in the multiple universes. I believe science can explain a lot of weird events, but I also believe that there are weird things that happen. Is it psychosomatic? I don't know. I've been hearing my headpeople since I was young, and I fully believe in them. But I also know I could be crazy.

I've always envied people with faith. I don't think I have a lot of faith. M grandmother says grace before family holidays and I feel nothing. I did rituals and felt a lot like I made up what I was feeling. I don't know how to have faith. I want solid facts, evidence, research. I want proof. And faith isn't exactly something that has proof.

When I started looking at Paganism, I was Egyptian, with some Wicca foundations. Then things started to include Mesoamerican beliefs, some UPG from a former friend, and some just miscellaneous things.

Now I think I'm starting fresh. I'll probably begin with Wiccan foundations. Ultimately, I'm going to pick and choose what speaks to me. Which probably isn't great. I don't know if it's good though. We'll see.

2. How did you come to your path?  (your spiritual journey)
I've always been interested in it. I remember being little and wanting to know about Egyptian gods. I remember reading Cama Zotz's name in the novel Silverwing. We went to church when I was little but, like I said, faith isn't something that comes natural to me. And of course Googling it just directs me to annoying Christians.

I think I got into it because I like the accouterments and accessories of Paganism. Which probably isn't good either.

3. Teach/Describe one of your key spiritual practices.  (mindfulness, meditation, grounding, prayer, ritual…….)
One of them in the past as being coerced into rituals. For this new thing I'm doing, I think one key will be a daily tarot and rune reading, as well as journaling. That journaling cold be research, or practice. We'll see.

4. Discuss a plant or place that is important to you spiritually.  Why is it meaningful to you?  
I don't know. I don't think I have one. I've never been to a place where I felt this spiritual tug. But I never go out much, to be honest. And I'm really bad with plants.

5. Record a recipe relating to a holiday you celebrate.  How do you use this food/drink/mixture?
Currently I don't have any.

6. Delve into your relationship with a deity, or why you don’t honor deities.
Honestly I don't know. I guess what I had before was a pretty chill relationship with deities.

7. Teach/Describe a craft or skill that‘s tied to your spirituality.
I could argue all of my crafting can be tied to this depending on what my subject matter is. I have plenty of more spiritualish cross stitch patterns. Not many crochet ones yet but some.

8. Recommend 3 books! 
Any of the Element Encyclopedias, I'm particularly partial to the symbols one
Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman
The Crystal Encyclopedia by Judy Hall

9. What do you do when it is hard to continue your spiritual practice or feel connected spiritually?
We're going to find out!

10. Discuss offerings.  What does that look like for you?
An offering to me is something that you give or dedicate to a certain being/path/ect. An offering could be a perishable

11. Engage with the theme of “sacrifice”  What does that mean to you?
I'll never forget what Jaguar Paw said about sacrifice. He said sacrifice is about giving something meaningful to you to the Gods. You can do what is "traditional" or you can do something meaningful. Making cornbread as a sacrifice offering wouldn't really mean sacrifice for me. Spending hours doing crochet and giving that up, that's sacrificing.


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