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I've already got some stuff accomplished for my binder. I have 31 tabs, and 26 sections, so I have room for five more sections, should I need them.

My sections are as follows:
Part 1 (first five sections): "About"
1. About me/the practice
2. Soulbond stuff (their crystals, birth charts, etc)
3. Deities and spirits, may include mythology
4. Alphabets, fictional and magical
5. Wish list because I am someone who looooves the accessories of paganism lol

Part two (the next 9): "Practice"
6. Divination-runes, tarot, pendulum, etc
7. Dreams, including dream journaling
8. Healing and Shaman work
9. Holidays
10. Moon Magic-moon zodiac signs, moon meanings, eclipses, etc
11. Spells, curses, magical recipies
12. Rituals
13. Writings, personal or found
14. Yoga

Part three (the last 12): "Correspondences"
15. Animals
16. Astrology (sun signs)
17. Chakras
18. Colours
19. Crystals
20. Days and Times
21. Elements
22. Incense
23. Numerology
24. Oils
25. Planets
26. Plants

While I mentioned on my main blog that I'm sick, I'm going to do some work on this while I decide if I'll go see my family later (and subsequently wash my hair, do my makeup, etc). I'm hoping to get the alphabets section done. I plan on doing this while watching DS9 which is perfect and no one can tell me otherwise.

My only annoyance is that my clear sheet protectors, for things like my aura photo or my moon phase card, are longer than the tabs, so they hide tabs and I can't see them. There isn't much I can do, because I don't want to punch holes in these, and some of them I can't, but augh, it's so annoying.


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