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I mentioned in a previous post that Tormund gives me Green Man feels. Part of it, I'm sure, is that he is a wildling, from beyond the wall, and my first GoT headmate who isn't a member of the noble class.

I'm hoping an oracle reading with the Heart of the Faerie oracle will help.

1. The Queen of the Golden Bough
Support, Soul healing, equilibrium
"This is the queen of all things spiritual, or healing, and of transformation"
This card represents deep, almost primal healing, a soothing spirit. This is actually really funny, because yesterday (and really throughout this whole weekend) I have a lot of family stuff to deal with and I'm pretty stressed out, and he has been a very calming presence. He's excellent. Last night in particular, he was great, even asking me what he could do to help.

2. The Hidden One
Awareness, Attention, self-absorption
This is a card for paying attention. Observing everything and absorbing it. Tormund is a natural tracker, very good with directions, and incredibly observant. He can spot details and patterns and he encourages me to do the same.

3. The Big Behind
New perspective, knowing your options, survival
Again, this feels a lot like just how he is. He's always looking at two or three options, planning for every eventuality, because that's how you survive beyond the wall.

Honestly everything is mostly pointing to the fact he's a wildling, he grew up more in tune with the forest and nature, especially since that far north always has snow and is cold. So I think I might be reading too much into it.


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