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I was in Ottawa last week and we went to the beautiful museum of history (Formerly the Civilization museum) and while most of it was closed for renovations and new exhibit installations, the Native galleries were open. It was beautiful.

On my dad's side, way back, I have Mohican ancestors. I would never try to claim their culture as my own (I am super white), I still feel interested in learning about it and connecting somehow. Going to the museum was good. There was lots about many tribes, usually more well known Canadian ones like the Haida and Metis people. There was some gorgeous stuff, like carved masks and jewellery. Walking through it all, especially when I got away from my aunt, felt peaceful. It felt right, somehow. There was something intense and meaningful about seeing this art. It deeply inspired me, more so than the art gallery (I fail to see how a high def close up of some guy's taint is art. Yes, I saw that at the national art gallery).

I got myself a pair of thunderbird earrings. James has a thunderbird tattooed on his back, and it's one of his spirit guides. When he meditates, he usually meets his thunderbird.

Driving up to Ottawa as well, I saw lots of inuksuit on the side of the road. That, too, made me feel inspired and Connected Somehow. I might to a tarot reading on it at some point. I'm still recovering from the vacation, and I have a cold.

I didn't get much spiritual stuff done during the evenings, like I had hoped, because my aunt wanted to watch Black Sails and I couldn't use my computer as a dual setup with Itunes. Itunes is stupid like that. Not that Black Sails was bad (EXCEPT WTF SHE HATED THE ENDING??!!!)

I saw in one of my books something really briefly about index cards and recipe box style things to organize stuff, and I don't really remember all of it, but I went out today and got some index cards and holders and I really like the idea of having quick reference guide things. Like, my full information stuff will be in Evernote. All the detail, all that stuff. But these cards can be quick reference. I want to know at a glance my birth card? Pull out my card. Need to look up a gem quick? Card.

Don't get me wrong, I love the intangibleness of Evernote and of the computer. But something is drawing me to something physical as well.

I think I'll do more reading tonight, while I lay on Percival and sniffle pathetically.

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