Jun. 14th, 2017

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So I don't even know how I got to the farmer's almanac site, but there I was and I found out it had some really cool and useful stuff for my practice.

It's very obvious I'm not the target market for these guys, but I'm looking forward to going through it and printing out relevant stuff, like moon charts, astrological "best days" and the like. It's even customized for my area code.

I definitely think I'll get a copy every year. I'm a little disappointed I can't "subscribe" for the digital copies and get it each year without needing to remember, but the digital is cheaper, and no shipping. You can with the physical, I believe.

It's okay though, I can probably put reminders somewhere, lol.

I took a friend to an appointment today and we did some shopping after. First was at this amazing hippy store called Grasshopper. It's got a lot of neat things. I got a Karimba finger piano, and a tie-dyed headband. We also picked up some tie dyed onesies for the twins and Shara. They had cute baby mukluks too, but it's too hot, obviously, and knowing mine and Kylo's genes, the girls will have GIANT feet so who knows what size they'd need for winter.

We also went to the crystal store. And they had some stuff hidden behind an 18+ curtain. So, being 18+, we looked.

Crystal dicks. SO MANY DICKS.

I got a small smokey quartz one in honor of my grey trash lord. (There is a relevant story about why this is extra funny, and I'll get it up on my regular blog)


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