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The crystal place in town did a Chakra day, and it was fun. Not as much as I hoped, but it was good for their first event.

I won a 15 minute neurospa session, and this is my entry into the crystal grid contest:

I went in without any idea of what I'm doing, but my intuition guided me pretty well. This is the write up I included with my submission to the Rock Spa itself.
My crystal grid is a bit outside the box. The centrepiece is my pride and joy, an obsidian crystal ball. Surrounding it are four raw obsidian chunks with four Smokey quartz pyramids between. On the north and south ends of the grid are tumbled Jade. A row of three tektite flank the ball, and four quartz points direct energy inwards.

This grid is set up to help me as I transition back to school. I am attending Conestoga college from accounting, and I'm in my second (of three) years. I moved unto this program from bookkeeping, and it's brought new stresses and challenges. The intend of this grid is to give me a focal point, where I can focus my stressed out energy and accept harmony and tranquility. I plan on leave it set up until I am back at school in September.

Obsidian is a protective stone, and absorbs negative energies. Smokey quartz helps to elevate moods and manage stress. Jade encourages tranquility and harmony. Finally, tektite is a high vibrational stone, associated with expanded consciousness.

The best part of today though was the eclipse. It was only partial here, but it was an amazing experience.

There was a post going around, I think on Facebook, saying what the eclipse had in store for you based on your zodiac sign. Mine mentioned epiphanies and I shrugged it off and put it out of my mind.

After the eclipse, I was talking about how I remember my first eclipse, which was a lunar eclipse. I also remember Hale-Bopp. Between those two things....It was my first religious experience. I was six or seven.

And today really affirmed that. Space and planets...those are what matters most to me in my spiritual path. Crystals are great, and I want to like herbs. But space...thats the real core of things. And suddenly....there it is. The answer I was hunting for. I feel like i have a direction now. Space.

And in the car I realized, that's an epiphany. I did have an epiphany.

Date: 2017-08-22 05:42 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] the_collective
the_collective: (Elle Selene)
What a wonderful epiphany! It makes so much sense too, with your xeno kink and love of sci-fi, especially space-related sci-fi. I hope the revelation helps you on your journey. :D


Date: 2017-08-23 05:39 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] the_collective
the_collective: (Elle Selene)
Yeah, that makes total sense that Hex trying to constrain you and force you into her religion would make it so hard for you to recognize what it was to you.

I don't have as strong a spiritual connection to space as you do, but I have some and even apart from that I think it's beautiful and fucking amazing. How BIG it is alone absolutely blows my mind.

And yeah, I wonder too about how the fuck the Big Bang happened. Honestly, anything existing at ALL seems absurdly unlikely. The whole universe is ridiculous.

XENO-UROLOGY HAHAHAHA. Isn't that what you call date nights? :P


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