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Everyone talks about Mercury in Retrograde, probably because it has a tendency to fuck shit up. But other planets go in and out of retrograde too.

I didn't know that.

I bought the 2017 Witches Almanac, to go with my more generic (and Christian) Farmers Almanac. And it had all the retrogrades listed.

This retrograde lasts until November 22, and this retrograde affects the water signs a lot, most notably Pisces, and affects water animals, chemicals, and spiritual and psychic phenomena. 

This could be a particularly interesting time for me, as I am extremely drawn to water, and am pretty in tune to the spiritual and psychic worlds. Or at least I'm trying.

I'm not doing anything other than groceries and maybe a brow wax tomorrow, so I have time to chill out and make a big push. I've done some piddly things, like my wishlists. But nothing major yet. If I get some good work done, I'm going to get some books on spirits and beings.

We're in a couple other retrogrades too. Jupiter is retrograde and it affects large animals, education, and religion. Saturn is effecting the elderly, employment and natural resources. Pluto is affecting ecoloy, espionage, birth and death rares, and strongly affects Scorpios.
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