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First time in a while I picked crystals for myself and wow. I got lucky. Four palm sized pieces, and I spent $35.

A "broken" piece of clear quartz. Frankly, I think this is beautiful. The break is really smooth and clean, and there's some fantastic inclusions and it's crackled up really nice. For $4!

Another $4 find. This is an orthocera. There are some chips along the side. Can you spot them? I couldn't at first either, and the picture hides them pretty much completely. This is a fossilized cephlapod, and according to jewelexi, this stone is really fitting for where I am right now:
As related to root chakra fossils holds the energy of the Earth, it reminds people that a light of day is waiting for you after darkness. It is assumed that fossils motivates the individual and help them to reborn when they chose to change and come back from depression. Orthoceras fossils reinforce earth energies as well as support it helps to balance emotions, increase confidence, stimulates the mind and leads to openness and innovation. It feels grounding and help to gather knowledge in addition it also empowers accomplishments.
Orthoceras fossils an excellent healing stone spiritually heals the past life setbacks of an individual by helping him to access it and in overcoming fears engendered in the past. Fossils are believed to infuse confidence in the wearer and assists in business success. Orthoceras lifts the depressed people out and makes them emotionally stable. (Source)
This feels like a good stone for where I am.

 Peacock ore. This piece was only $10 and it was at least three times the size of my old piece. They had bigger pieces to, but I liked the amount of colour on this piece. This is a stone of healing and energy work (Source) and that's perfect for me getting back into this kind of work.

 Crazy lace agate. only $15. I'm surprised I liked this one, because I usually don't like raw stones. Crazy lace agate is also called happy lace, and it's a stabilizing stone, and promotes liveliness and security (Source). I feel like this is a good charging stone. I can put jewellery here or other stones.


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