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I was googling for ideas with BoS type things with index cards and I couldn't find much. It's both scary and encouraging.

I like looking at examples that other people have done. I feel secure knowing I can imitate and copy. But because I haven't found anything, it means I have to do it all from scratch, which is kind of the whole point with what I'm doing anyway.

I'm probably behind on reading and copying things into Evernote. Since I had no time on vacation, and then got sick. I feel bad about that.

Part of me, too, isn't sure how to organize the index cards as well. I bought a-z tabs, and I know Staples has blank tabs too, that I could make more "standard" sections.

I feel like part of this project is a try-as-you-go thing. I need to get more into Evernote first, then from there I can write things up nice. I like Evernote because whenever I copy/paste things in, it automatically saves the source (from Kindle, even the page numbers) .

I like feeling this eagerness. I actually read an amazing Tumblr post today about mental illness and pagan practice. I don't feel like I can do rituals, or even some spells. I like this part of it, the collecting and organizing. The writing. The reading. And that is enough. I don't have to do elaborate rituals to be spiritual, or to honor my Gods. I think this was a big problem I had before, because I did feel pushed heavily into ritual and that wasn't me. So I stopped completely. Now I feel like I can do things this way.

Maybe I will feel able to do rituals eventually, or sometimes. Or maybe I'll find pleasure in creating them instead. That's still a ritual act, is it not? Magic, to me, is an act of creation. You raise energy and direct it to a goal. How is that diminished by not lighting candles, or not chanting? I know some people need that in their lives, and need a strong community. I don't feel like I do. I feel like I can be okay like this. If anything, I think I'll be better.

Date: 2017-05-11 01:35 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] the_collective
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While I of course have nothing against those who explore religion/spirituality in terms of a more organized religion or strict practice, I am a huge fan of try-as-you-go spirituality. Probably because it's how I've mostly always done things, lol. I think doing what you're able to, what inspires you, and what gives you meaning is a great way to approach practice.

It's been a long time since I wrote a ritual or spell, but I remember feeling tons of power just from writing them. I agree that the act of creation is itself an act of magic.

And I definitely get the scary/encouraging thing of having to make something from scratch! I hope you find it exciting more often than scary. I think it's a really cool idea.

I hope you continue to find meaning and enjoyment in approaching all this exactly the way you want to. :)


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